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Curtin University
National Drug Research Institute

Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

NDRI Board of Management

Professor Steve Allsop
Executive Officer
Professor Steve Allsop is the Director of the National Drug Research Institute. He has been on the NDRI Board since becoming Director in March 2005.

Professor Garry Allison
Board Member
Professor Garry Allison is Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin University. He has been on the NDRI Board since August 2009.

Mr Matthew Bonson
Board Member
Mr Matthew Bonson joined the NDRI Board in August 2013. Mr Bonson is the representative with expertise on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues.

Ms Ann Deanus
Board Member
Ms Ann Deanus is the Chief Executive Office of Women's Health Services. She is the Non-Government sector representative on the NDRI Board.

Professor Brett Kirk
Board Member
Professor Brett Kirk is the Associate Deputy Vice-chancellor Research and Development at Curtin University. He has been on the NDRI Board since April 2011 as the nominee for the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Development, Curtin University

Superintendent Jim Migro
Board Member
Detective Superintendent James Migro, Licensing Enforcement Division, Western Australia Police Service, has been a member of the NDRI Board since 2011. He is the nominee for the Assistant Commissioner Michelle Fyfe, Western Australia Police Service.

Mr Michael Moore
Board Member
Mr Michael Moore is Chief Executive Officer of the Public Health Association of Australia. He has been on the NDRI Board since July 2009.