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Media Release

Date: Thursday, 13 May 2010

AFL drug testing: transparent approach is important

The AFLís focus on supporting players and a harm minimisation approach to its alcohol and illicit drug program is in line with what works to help prevent the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

The AFL has released the results of its illicit drug testing program. The percentage of failed tests has dropped for the fourth consecutive year.

"It is important to see the balanced and comprehensive approach taken by the AFL having such positive impact. The AFL should be supported for adopting an approach that is multifaceted, has the support of players and management and is transparent and universal. All of these are key ingredients in effective responses to alcohol and other drug problems in any workplace," NDRI Director Professor Steve Allsop said.

"The AFLís focus on player welfare, education and rehabilitation is an effective way to prevent young men from using alcohol or other drugs in a harmful way and in helping those that get into difficulty. Having the support of those around you is crucial to helping people, whether they are footballers or in the general community, who have issues with drugs or alcohol.

"The AFLís new initiative for players who fail a drug test to be referred to drug and alcohol specialists for assistance is also important."

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