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Curtin University
National Drug Research Institute

Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

Media Releases for 1999

15/12/1999 Media Release: School Alcohol Lessons Get Top Marks For Keeping Kids SHAHRP
9/12/1999 Media Release: Action Needed Now To Tackle Hepatitis C Epidemic
26/10/1999 Media Release: Drug Research Institute Calls For Teenage Alcohol And Cannabis Education
2/08/1999 Media Release: Study Questions Cannabis Prohibition
28/07/1999 Media Alert: Cannabis Study To Be Released
4/06/1999 Media Release: Using Taxation To Save Lives…
21/05/1999 Media Release: Drug Use, Aggression, Violence And Crime
5/05/1999 Media Release: First Stage Of The SHAHRP Results Released
2/05/1999 Media Alert: Presention Of The Results Of The First Stage Of SHAHRP
21/04/1999 Media Release: Parliament Votes To Stay WET !!!
9/04/1999 Media Release: Heroin Policies May Backfire !!!

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