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Curtin University
National Drug Research Institute

Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

Media Releases for 2005

6/12/2005 Media Release: 10,000 Australian seniors killed by their drinking
28/10/2005 Media Alert: Award for Excellence in Injury Prevention Research
6/10/2005 Media Release: Preventing Alcohol and Other Drug problems in the workplace
19/09/2005 Media Release: Have alcohol restrictions made any difference in Port Hedland?
11/08/2005 Media Release: Young people in rural areas almost twice as likely to die from drinking
14/07/2005 Media Release: Convenience at what cost?
1/07/2005 Media Release: Public seminar: The legacy of the COMPARI project
1/07/2005 Media Release: Australia and alcohol: living down the legend
22/06/2005 Media Release: 'Happy hours' in the publican's but not the public's interest
22/06/2005 Media Release: The neglected drug killing our teenagers
13/06/2005 Media Release: Older people and drinking: Becoming a full bottle
3/06/2005 Media Release: Charges a reminder of the responsibilities that come with serving alcohol
2/03/2005 Media Release: Community action to reduce alcohol and other drug harm: International Conference in Perth
21/02/2005 Media Release: New Director for Curtin University's National Drug Research Institute

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