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Curtin University
National Drug Research Institute

Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

Review of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander alcohol and other drugs treatment service sector

Project Team


The National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University has been commissioned to conduct a review of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services. The aim of this is to provide a report which covers:

  • identification of gaps in current service provision;
  • areas of unmet need;
  • priority groups;
  • service planning processes;
  • funding models/funding arrangements and contracting issues; and,
  • strengths, weaknesses and challenges across these areas.


Gray, D., Stearne, A., Bonson, M., Wilkes, E.T., Butt, J.C. and Wilson, M. (2014). Review of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Treatment Service Sector: Harnessing Good Intentions. National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University, Perth. ISBN: 978-0-9873641-6-6 [T231] Paper