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Curtin University
National Drug Research Institute

Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

Research priority:

The role of new technologies in drug use and interventions

Technological developments and the internet create opportunities for information dissemination, data collection and intervention delivery for the alcohol and other drug sector, drug users and the wider community. Drugs may be supplied, information sought and given, and interventions delivered over the internet and through other electronic media. This is an emerging area that provides significant opportunities in the direct delivery of interventions. Most young Australian drug users now live in a context where internet use is embedded in their everyday lives and such access to vast amounts of drug-related information online changes the landscape of drug demand, supply and policy. NDRI is building on its existing research in this area to further develop the evidence base to improve both understanding and responses to the intersection between drug use and information and the online environment. This will include examination of electronic based brief interventions to at-risk alcohol and other drug consumers.