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Curtin University
National Drug Research Institute

Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

Research priority:

Contributing to tobacco interventions among disadvantaged populations

As tobacco use has declined in the general population, it has become apparent that some disadvantaged groups have much higher rates of tobacco use. For example, prisoners, Indigenous people, people with mental health problems and other drug users in general experience higher rates of tobacco use and related morbidity and mortality. There are also strong links between tobacco use and many other forms of drug use, including heavy alcohol use and cannabis use. The primary focus of NDRIís work is to develop interventions for at-risk and disadvantaged populations, including rural and remote communities; to develop and trial interventions using electronic media; to develop and implement interventions in alcohol and drug treatment services; and to examine, and on the basis of evidence trial, tobacco harm reduction strategies. Tobacco research is a primary focus of our Tier 1 colleagues based in the Centre for Behavioural Research into Cancer Control. Their work includes a focus on advocacy, social marketing, legislative approaches, pharmaceutical interventions and the evaluation of smoking cessation programs.