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Preventing Harmful Drug Use In Australia

NDRI adjunct staff member

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Dr Kate Seear

Research Fellow


+61 3 9905 3399


Kate Seear's research focuses on addiction, drug use, health and the body. Kate's particular interests are in the management and constitution of addiction and drug use in different contexts. Kate is the author of two books - Making Disease, Making Citizens: The politics of hepatitis C (with Associate Professor Suzanne Fraser) and The Making of a Modern Epidemic: Endometriosis, Gender and Politics (out through Ashgate in 2014), which is based upon Kate's PhD research. Kate has a unique multi-disciplinary background, with expertise in sociology, gender and the law. Before commencing with the National Drug Research Institute, Kate was a Lecturer and Research Fellow in Sociology and Gender Studies in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University and a Research Assistant in the National Centre in HIV Social Research at the University of New South Wales. She has also worked in the Faculties of Law and Medicine at Monash University.

Kate's current research program focuses on the social and cultural aspects of addiction. She presently leads two research projects in this area: one on the constitution and management of addiction in legal and quasi-legal realms, and one on the various issues associated with drug use, addiction and sport. Kate has previously worked as a research assistant and/or chief investigator in several research projects including:

  • An ARC-funded project into the social and cultural politics of hepatitis C (Chief Investigators: A/Prof Suzanne Fraser, Prof Carla Treloar and Prof David Moore);
  • A pilot study funded by the South East Sydney and Illawarra Health Service which examined injecting drug use, hepatitis C transmission and prevention between same-sex couples (Chief Investigators: Prof Carla Treloar, Dr Loren Brener, Dr Joanne Bryant and Ms Rebecca Gray). This pilot study formed the basis of a subsequent NHMRC-funded study;
  • A highly-publicised study examining drug use, addiction and sport through the experiences of the AFL footballer Ben Cousins, a self-confessed drug 'addict'. Kate's work (with A/Prof Suzanne Fraser) examined media coverage of Ben's drug use and 'addiction', and Ben's own experience of addiction, through an interview Kate and Suzanne conducted with Ben;
  • Several projects on health and the body, new and emergent technologies, drugs and medical treatments. These include: a pilot study on stem cell tourism (with Prof Alan Petersen), two projects funded by the Commonwealth Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research on nanotechnologies (with Prof Alan Petersen and Dr Diana Bowman) and a project on the emergence and marketing of anti-aging medicines and drug therapies (with Prof Alan Petersen). Kate was also the lead author of a national consultation report into childhood obesity. This report helped to inform a subsequent ARC-funded study into parenting and obesity (A/Prof Suzanne Fraser, Prof Jan Wright, A/Prof JaneMaree Maher and Prof Alan Petersen).

Kate is an invited reviewer and contributor to several international journals, and is an invited advisory committee member on a world-first ESRC-funded study into the impact of endometriosis on heterosexual couples living in the UK (Endopart). Kate is also the immediate past convenor of the health sociology thematic group within The Australian Sociological Association (TASA).


Kate has expertise in a range of qualitative methods and welcomes supervision opportunities in addiction, drug use, the body, and health, including drug use/addiction and the law, and drug use/addiction and sport. Her main theoretical interests are in feminist theories of health, the body, agency and subjectivity, science and technology studies and the work of Michel Foucault.


  • PhD Sociology, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University
  • BA (Hons) Sociology, Monash University
  • LL.B. (Hons), Monash University

Research Interests

  • Addiction, drug use, risk, drug use and the law, drug use and sport, gender and the body


  • Member, Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network
  • Member, Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association
  • Member, International Harm Reduction Association

Current projects

  • Understanding performance and image enhancing drug (PIED) injecting to improve health and minimise hepatitis C transmission Details


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Non-NDRI Publications

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